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social metrics pro reviewSocial Metrics Pro review is about a product that was one of the biggest launches at Clickbank this week – Daniel Tan’s Social Metrics Pro.

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For quite some time now we have been hearing a lot about Google Panda update and its consequences on the search engine results. But not too many blog owners will have worked towards making the most of whatever changes Google is making.

Some of the updates were extremely critical in the way a blog could get ranked in Google searches.

So what is it that bloggers need to be aware of in the Google Panda update and how is it related to Social Metrics Pro Review.

Google Panda and Social Metrics Pro review

Google, the big daddy of search engines in their latest update said that search results will henceforth have a greater count of  search results from Social Media sites. This in turn meant that your site should have a better social media presence if it is to rank well in the search engine results.

Social metrics Pro is a product that will help you do just that. It is a WordPress plugin and just like Daniel Tan’s earlier plugin, it comes in very handy. This is one of the things that we noticed in our social metrics pro review.

It has a unique method to do it. It tells you pictorially in different color codes, as to what is the presence of your content on various social media sites. It also suggests methods to improve your presence.

Social Metrics Pro Review – The Good Aspects

The plugin came in extremely handy and had quite a few interesting things.

Configuration – The installation and configuration of the plugin was extremely simple. Just a few clicks and we were well on our way even when we did it for the first time during our social metrics pro review. Unlike a lot other common plugins, there was not too much of settings required.

Interface –  This was one of the aspects that we liked the most in our social metrics pro review. The interface was very simple and easy to understand and interpret. You did not have to go too much in details into the manual and FAQs. If you could understand some simple signs, you could interpret the data easily.

Accuracy – The accuracy of the data presented to us in the interface during the social metrics pro review was 99% accurate. There is bound to be some element of inaccuracy primarily because of the way the plugin pulls data, but that can be ignored.

Support – Daniel Tan’s support has been exceptional, which he proved when he released his earlier plugin – “SEOPRESSOR”. The support he provides for his latest product was just as similar or, may be slightly better. This was one of the most impressive aspects in our Social Metrics Pro review.

What did not work in the Social Metrics Pro review?

Social Metrics Pro was quite impressive in all of the aspects. One thing that we were dis-satisfied with while doing the social metrics pro review was the plugin made the entire WordPress installation slightly sluggish. The site slowed down a little and so did the dashboard operations.

Though we understand that plugin normally tend to do this, we will have expected this plugin to be slightly smarter.

Overall rating for the plugin in our Social Metrics Pro review:

Rating: ★★★★½ 

You can check out social metrics pro in the link below.

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