Dr. James Pendelton’s Stay Forever Thin Review

stay forever thin reviewStay Forever Thin Review

Stay Forever Thin Bonus

===> Stay Forever Thin – Official Site

In a sharp contrast to our earlier reviews over the last couple of months, we are slightly deviating from our regular niche and presenting the Stay Forever Thin review today.

Most of you will have figured out what niche this product is in and what the product is. But for the sake of people who are yet to place it – this is the weight loss niche.

Dr. James Pendelton is launching this product at Clickbank in about 3 days from now and we thought it was the right time to do our Stay Forever Thin review.

While we look at the product from various aspects, it is important that we understand what is included in the product and how will it benefit you.

Stay Forever Thin Review – The Product

Stay Forever thin review is about a product that promises to help your burn upto 21 pounds of fat in 21 days and keep it from coming back. That is a bold promise considering the fact that most fat loss programs do help you loose fat but this lost fats gets accumulated immediately after you stop following the program.

Stay Forever Thin consists of 4 things -

  1. The Stay Forever Thin Manual
  2. HCG Diet Recipes e-book
  3. Thirty Days of E-mail Coaching
  4. Stay Forever Thin Supplement (One Month Supply) – This is a bonus along with the package.

The Stay Forever thin manual claims to be packed with the most advanced mind programming technology for weight loss. This is called as Cognitive Restructuring.

These terms felt like typical jargon to us at Stay Forever Thin review.

So let’s see how the product actually delivers of the various promises.

Stay Forever Thin review – The Meat

Our Stay Forever Thin review will be looking at the following aspects -

  • The Value of the Components of the package
  • The effectiveness of the techinques
  • The ease of understanding
  • Price and Support

Our first impression at the Stay Forever thin review was one of content. We liked the constituents of the package. Since we couldn’t use it on ourselves (if we did, we would have become size ZERO…LOL), our review was primarily on somebody who intended to loose weight. Everything in the package looked extremely valuable and meaty. The manual was what we liked the most.

The techniques in the manual was pretty effective and we felt that the promise of the product being able to keep the fat away would be fulfilled. We were slightly unhappy with the recipe book though but that was more than made up by the manual. The 30 days coaching was another thing that we liked. We were able to get almost a one-to-one support and we enjoyed it.

The manual was extremely easy to understand though there were places where we felt that the doc could have done away with the unnecessary jargons. These looked like too much over-whelming. Otherwise the continuity was pretty good and the language was pretty simple to understand.

The package was priced at around $49.00 and for that price the package looked extremely good. The support was also pretty good and since the product came with a 60 day money back guarantee, we had no worries.

The Stay Forever Thin review – The Conclusion

We were pretty satisfied with our overall results in the Stay Forever Thin review. There were numerous products available in the market that would give you far lower and poor results and they were charging much more than the price of Stay forever thin.

Considering the fact that our subject was able to loose about 11 pounds in about 17 days, the results were amazing and Stay Forever Thin is an anyday recommend from us.

You can Go and Check out Stay Forever Thin package at the below official link.

===> Stay Forever Thin – Official Site

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