Ninja Curation Profits Review

ninja curation profits review
Ninja Curation Profits from Tim Buchalka was one the latest additions to the Warrior Forum Special Offers the last week. Since I was exploring blog curation for some time now, this product interested me in particular.

For people who do not know what content curation is, the easiest way to explain is to give you the example of Curation is about hunting for relevant content for the topic of your interest,  laying it down in an organized and systematic manner so that you readers have valuable information.

The best part about content curation is that you do not have to be scratching your head for fresh content everyday. You get readymade content and all that you have to do is lay it out in a clear and understandable manner.

I have about 4 different blogs which are curating content today. In just about 2 months, these blogs are generating about $90.00 per month only from Adsense revenue. I am now planning to introduce some affiliate marketing links and product into these blogs to diversify the income potential.

Ninja Curation Profits Review

Ninja Curation Profits looks at a different form of curation called as video curation. Video Curation is just as similar as blog curation, with the only difference being that in video curation, you curate videos and in blog curation you can curate videos and articles.

Video curation is a much profitable form of curation and can build up a huge source of income if done correctly.

Tim, in his course on video curation (Ninja Curation Profits) explains everything about video curation including examples and also gives you a few softwares which can automate this entire process.

I did a video review of Tim Buchalka’s Ninja Curation Profits which are embedded below.


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