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spokes pigeon reviewChris Munch has now become a veteran in his “PIGEON” series. His last launches were all extremely successful, more so his pigeon series – Hook Pigeon and RSS pigeon.

Chris creates products that primarily targets social media and Spokes pigeon is another product that too teaches you about increasing your Social Media presence.

Google’s latest algorithm updates brought sea changes to the way SEO is done. The Panda and the Penguin update made it clear that in order to rank on the first page of Google, you have to show very high Social Media presence.

But is it really possible to build a huge social media following for somebody who is just starting out new?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Social Media requires constant interaction with your groups and regular sharing of updates with them. It is only then that you will be able to build a huge following and thus improve your presence.

This is what Spokes Pigeon addresses. Chris in this product target the post panda and penguin update actions.

Spokes Pigeon Review – What is the Product?

Chris with his earlier product – Hook Pigeon showed us that is a champion when it comes to Social Media. In his new product Spokes Pigeon, Chris introduces us to an automated system which the help of which you can build an year long campaign both on Twitter and Facebook.

What this means is, that your Twitter and Facebook accounts will keep getting fresh content regularly. There will be constant interactions on you social media hangouts, which in turn will improve your presence and so will your sites presence be.

The contents of the product are -

  1. The SpokesPigeon Manual
  2. The SpokesPigeon Step-by-Step Video Training
  3. Chris’s personal SpokesPigeon Case Study.

Chris, by way of his video tutorials teaches how to automate the growth and development of your Facebook Fanpages and Twitter profiles. In addition to this he also discusses about Twitter and Facebook monetization strategies, quality content for your Twitter and Facebook accounts etc.

Spokes Pigeon Review – My Opinion

Spokes Pigeon is a very effective and interesting course. It kind of gives you a fair idea of how you will be impacted by the latest Google updates and also teaches you how to sustain your growth in spite of all this.

While we were impressed with the content and its delivery style, we were a little disappointed with the aspects that were covered. Chris could have included a few more things in this course, but for the price that he is quoting, we thought the content was more than enough.

Another aspect that we felt could have been better is the FREE tools that are discussed in the course. A couple of more such tools could have been included in the course. Then the thought that if a person refuses to take action even 10 tools will not do any difference. But for somebody who is ready to take action even 1 was enough.

All-in-all our spokes pigeon review could rate the product at a 4.50 out of a total of 5.00.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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Check out this video on a detailed Spokes Pigeon Review

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