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800lb Content Gorilla Review

800lb content gorilla reviewThe biggest problem with most internet marketers is the fact that they create content either for the search engines or, for their visitors. Hence, content created only for visitors are not liked by the search engines and the vice versa.

So what is the solution?

Jimmy Wrek in his “The 800lb Content Gorilla” course teaches you how to create content that is liked by both the search engines and the visitors.

Creating content is the biggest headache for most bloggers and website owners. Add to it the fact that search engine gods like Google keep coming with their Penguins and Panda from time to time and the headache gets converted to a migraine.

And with the focus now shifting to Social media shares and links, it becomes all the more important that your content is liked, shared and commented upon in all the prominent social media sites.

That is too much of work, we agree. But the question is how can we create content that meets all this criteria.

800lb Content Gorilla review

This is an amazing course if you are looking to creating content that satisfies all of the above. Jimmy in this course covers everything from what is required by the Google god and by your visitors, where you can get that kind of content, how to write compelling and attractive titles for the content, how to make this content go viral and then how to monetize all of this content.

The course includes the following 3 things- -

  1. 800 lb Content Gorilla Mindmap
  2. The Monetization Monkey
  3. The Yummy King Kong guide

Strange names he has given to all of them, but the content is not that strange.

You can check out the entire 800lb content gorilla review and the contents of the course in the below video.

Now that you have watched the video, don’t forget to tell us your opinion about our 800lb content gorilla review.

800lb Content Gorilla review – Our Opinion

We were pretty impressed with the contents of the course and way it was put across. There was a certain systematic approach to the delivery of the content and that caught our attention. The content was extremely informative and fresh and was laid out in an excellent way.

This guide is a must buy.

You can buy the guide from the below link -


Also don’t forget to check out the BONUS Package that I have for you if you buy from the above link. You can check it out at the below link -


Just send us an email to bonus(at) with the subject line mentioning “Bonus – 800lb Content Gorilla” and we will send out the bonuses to you within 24 hours.

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