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My Mobile Money Pages Review

my mobile money pages review


My Mobile Money Pages Review

My Money Money Pages Bonus

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One of the very few respected Internet Marketers, I have been following throughout is Andrew Fox. I learnt affiliate marketing and making money online from a very old course from Andrew Fox. His earlier products have all been extremely valuable and that gives us reasons to believe that this latest product would also be of exceptional quality.

But we will go into our My Mobile Money Pages review without any pre-conceived notions so that we give justice to our My mobile Money Pages review.

My Mobile Money Pages Review – The Product

This is a product launched by Andrew Fox and Chris Fox at Clickbank. Accepting a launch at Clickbank itself is an achievement because of the new T&C from Clickbank. Internet Marketers are finding it extremely difficult to launch their products at Clickbank these days and you might have seen a few of my earlier posts on this.

As to what does the product do? This is an internet marketing product and takes advantage of the latest internet marketing revolution on mobile phones. Just as the name suggests this product is an integrated software suite that helps you build money pages for mobile phones. And we at my mobile money pages review will be looking at every aspect of this product critically.

These days people are taking to mobile phones for a lot of things. So the idea of creating websites and pages specifically for mobile phone users made sense. Add to it the fact that this software suite comes with a keyword research tool integrated into it and you have a killer software.

So let us get into the My Mobile Money pages review straight away.

My Mobile Money Pages review – The Real Deal

Just as in all our other reviews we will be looking at the below aspects in our My Mobile Money Pages review -

  1. The Interface
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Effectiveness
  4. Price and Support

The first aspect of any software that we look at is the interface. Most of the softwares that are launched in Internet marketing have very shabby user interface and you get put off by the look of it except for a few softwares like micro niche finder and keyword elite. For a change, we saw that Andrew had at least taken not of this aspect. Though the interface was not one that we would say at the most attractive and best, it was still better. With free updates available we believe the interface should get better. We rated the software 3/5 in our My mobile Money Pages review.

What we were impressed at our My Mobile Money pages review was the ease of use of the interface. The software was pretty simple and all you had to do was enter some information and then click a few buttons. What more could you ask for? This is where the software scored the most in the My mobile Money Pages review.

We were able to build 7 mobile pages in about 18 minutes and all of these were pretty user-friendly and had the potential to generate some  good money. Most of the tools for promotion was also available in the software hence we did not find a problem promoting our pages.

The product was priced well as do all Clickbank products and comes with a few OTOs. But the best aspect of this entire package was the support provided by the team and the money back guarantee. Our support tickets were responded to in less than 10 hours. What’s more, we asked for a refund and in less than 5 hours the money was back in our account. No questions asked and No troubles. We were impressed with the support at our My mobile Money Pages review.

My Mobile Money Pages review – Our Take

Considering the fact that mobile marketing is the place to be in today and that there are very few products (Mobile Money Bandit) that could actually help you make money using mobile phones, this product was pretty impressive and is a recommend from the team here.

We at My mobile Money Pages review recommend trying it out and since you are anyways covered by the 60-day money back guarantee, you have nothing to worry.

=== Check out My Mobile Money Pages here.

My Mobile Money Pages Rating -

The Interface:★★★☆☆ 
Ease of Use:★★★★★ 
Price and Support:★★★★★ 

Don’t forget to tell us your thoughts about our My Mobile Money Pages Review.

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