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Tube Authority Blaster Review

tube authority blaster reviewPeter Garety will launch his latest product “Tube Authority Blaster” on 19th June. Peter has had the reputation of launching extremely good products in the past including his last launch which was “Pinterest Traffic Blueprint”

But reputations can sometimes prove bad for you. There was not too much hype around Tube Authority Blaster and hence that kind of gives you a feeling that there is something wrong.

Hence we thought of doing a complete Tube Authority Blaster review. We caught hold of a review copy and went through the entire course in detail.

Tube Authority Blaster – What is the Product?

Youtube is one of the biggest source of traffic for most internet marketers today. It is amongst the biggest social networking site just behind Facebook and Twitter. So it actually makes sense for an internet marketer to know, the tricks of how to get your video ranked and how to get views and comments on your videos.

But not everybody knows these tricks. People prefer to take the black hat route to getting views and this often results in getting them banned by Youtube.

Tube Authority Blaster is a complete course that teaches you from the beginning as to how to create a channel, optimize it, build authority to it and then as a result get views, likes and comments on it.

The course consists of about 20 videos spread across 2 categories. The first category explains the mindmap that comes with the course and the fundamentals of video marketing, Youtube videos and understanding authority and the Youtube Authority action plan.

The second category is the detailed course which covers most of the hows. It starts from how to build a Youtube channel, how to build authority, how to get views and comments and how to be successful in video marketing. There are about 19 videos in this category.

The course also has a bonus section which teaches you how to get your videos bookmarked on social bookmarking sites and also gives you a script that can automate this entire activity.

The course is delivered in the form of videos, mindmaps and pdfs. All videos also come with transcripts for easier reading access.

Tube Authority Blaster Review – Our Opinion

We found the course comprehensive. It pretty much covered everything and if somebody could follow instructions, it is unlikely that they will not be able to build a Youtube channel that has authority.

The language of the videos and the pdfs were extremely simple and legible. There was a continuity in the course and you could feel the flow going in a natural way.

The transcripts made it easy for people who would not want to keep watching videos to read through it and still understand the contents of the course.

Overall the course was extremely informative and value for money.

Hence we couldn’t hesitate in giving the course a 5 star rating.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

You can buy the course at the below link -

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Watch the below video for a detailed video on Tube Authority Blaster review

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