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Affiliate Investigator Review – Don’t fall For it

affiliate investigator review

Affiliate Investigator Review

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An ex-cop CM Jones and one of his friends Bobby is launching this new product at Clickbank later today and we are here doing an affiliate investigator review. By this time you might already have read thousands of affiliate investigator review on the internet.

You are here because you couldn’t find convincing evidence that this products works or, doesn’t work.

So our objective here in our affiliate investigator review is to help you with your decision.

We are never too keen on software products that promise a fortune within a few minutes because that never really happens. It took me 48 days to earn my first dollar on the internet. So we recommend you stay away from any such products because they really don’t work.

Affiliate Investigator review – What is the product?

Affiliate Investigator is a push button software and we at the affiliate investigator review were put off at this very knowledge. CM Jones who claims that he has been a cop earlier and that he developed this system goes on to claim that this software can help you make money in about 7 days.

(PS: We would have thought that the Mr. Cop should have known that anything that can help you make that kind of money in 7 days is a scam)

Big Boss

Now onto some serious review. So like what we said, this is a push button software that can help you generate some free traffic onto your affiliate offers. Jones has considered Clickbank and Amazon affiliate offers for the purpose of the demonstration but we took other affiliate offers as well in our affiliate investigator review.

While Mr. Jones has used a commonly used method of generating traffic, he has added a unique hook to it. That was impressive and we thought we should proceed with the review.

Check it out Here!

Affiliate Investigator Review – How does it fare?

The following are a few things that we thought we will cover in our affiliate investigator review -

  1. Interface of the Software
  2. Ease of use
  3. Tutorials, Manuals and Guides
  4. Support
  5. Price and Results

The Interface – The first aspect that we always look at in any software is the interface and all push button softwares have had cluttered, crumpy and ugly interfaces. Affiliate Investigator also lives upto the expectation in that its interface was ugly. The only good thing was that it was far better than the other such push button softwares. We were still not too impressed with the software interface. Our affiliate investigator review began on a disastrous note, least to say.

Ease of use – CM claims that the software is a 3-click software. We required more than 3 clicks to set it up. But we were impressed with the usage. We had not read any manuals or, guides or, even seen the tutorial videos, yet we were able to operate the software with ease. A basic understanding of how things work was all that was required and we were up and running. It took us about 4 hours to set up our first campaign. Considering that we knew nothing about how the software works, that was pretty impressive timings and we would rate it at around 4 out of 5 in our affiliate investigator review.

Tutorials, Manuals and Guides – The software comes with some extremely useful manuals and guides and some tutorial videos. The guides were in extremely easy to understand and comprehend languages and so were the tutorial videos. These were well done and a required for any newbie. Another aspect we were impressed with in our affiliate investigator review.

Support – Often softwares and tools fail because of poor support. This was one aspect that we were pretty impressed with, in our affiliate investigator review. The software came with some amazing support where our dumbest questions were responded with extreme patience and in less than 3 hours. The turn-around-time was very impressive. The software came with a money back guarantee and our refund claim was processed in less than 6 hours. We still decided to keep the software and hence requested a re-instatement and that too was prompt. Our affiliate investigator review rated the support at 5 of 5.

Price and Results – The software was very aggressively priced for something like that and also came with a $1 trial, which we thought was a welcome offer. We were impressed with the pricing in our affiliate investigator review.

So far as the results were concerned, we did not see anything till the 2nd day of use. Our first commission was generated on the 3rd day and that too from one campaign. By the 7th day we had 7 campaigns set up and each of them had generated a commission. Our total earnings for the 15 days came up to about $915.00 which was pretty decent.

Our Final thoughts on Affiliate Investigator:

Just as we said at the beginning of our affiliate investigator review, we are not too keen on push button softwares. Till the time it is simplifying something we are still okay with it. Affiliate investigator looked like it was doing this second aspect that we just mentioned.

Our verdict on the software in our affiliate investigator review was mixed. In case you wish to leverage your time, you can go for this software. Else if you think you will want to do it all manually, you could forego it.

Having said that since there was a $1 trial available, you could always give the software a try.

Check out Affiliate Investigator Here!

Don’t forget to tell us your opinion about our affiliate investigator review.

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